Warrior Festival!





Cars, Trucks, Bounce Houses and More!

“Your child has cancer.”

Everyday, on average,  43 families will hear those very words.

Every day, on average, 250 kids die from cancer.

Do you want to know how YOU can help change that?

By raising awareness.


Awareness equals funding and that helps us create cures for childhood cancer.

So join us Saturday September 7th from 11-2pm at Beef-O-Bradyʼs in Apopka for a day of family fun and raising awareness.

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September 18, 2017:

 “Mrs. Rawls we've found what appears to be a large tumor on your sons adrenal gland and we believe itʼs neuroblastoma. A form of cancer”

On that day my family was one of the 43 who were told "Your child has cancer".

At that time, my son Aidan was only 3.

Along this journey, I have made some incredible friends. I've seen Apopka huddle around my family and I've seen what an incredible community we have.

As I got deeper into my sons treatment, I learned how many people had no clue that there was even a Pediatric Cancer Month.

At the time that my own son was diagnosed (during Pediatric Cancer Month), I had no idea myself. So, I decided in 2018 to turn Apopka gold!


My goal was, and still is, to create awareness about pediatric cancer. I have reached out to my wonderful community and you all have helped me. This year my goal is to create even more awareness, have fun doing it and raise money for research.

This year I have chosen Alexʼs Lemonade Stand. A pediatric cancer foundation who helps fund research for a cure. With awareness we can create a cure.




Here, at the Golden Warrior festival, we want to honor each and every child who has battled childhood cancer. Whether your child was in the fight, is currently being treated or has gained their angel wings, we want to honor them. If you are attending the festival and would like your child to be recognized, please sign up!


My Child Is A Warrior!

Thank you!

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